Radiation Detector

TJ-IV Gamma Area Monitor Radiation Meter



Area γ Radiation Monitor is mainly used in continuously monitoring. It can connect 32 probes at the same time, display the all dose rate datas of each probes and send the alarm signal with light and sound basic through the predestined alarm dose rate. The instrument has the advantages of the wide range, long transmit distance, multiple external probes and remote management.


1. External alarm lamp integrally with the probe design, large screen display.

2. A monitor can connect 32 probes at the same time.It's very convenient for multi-directional monitoring.

3. Digital probe, the measurement results are transmitted to the monitor via the RS-485 interface

4. Special moisture and dust-proof design.

5. The probe and monitor will sound an alarm and light alarm when the preset alarm value is exceeded or the range is exceeded.

6. The monitor has RS-485 communication interface, used to send the measurement results to the remote computer monitoring system protocol, with a variety of switch mode output.

7. Reasonable design, beautiful structure, easy to operate.

Radiation Occasions

X ray, gamma ray


Double GM counter tube

Display Unit


Measuring Range

0.1μSv/h -1Sv/h

Energy Response

48 keV - 3 MeV, ≤±30%

Response Time


Inherent Error


Alarm Threshold

Continuous adjustable within the entire measuring range

Coefficient of Variation



Drift is less than 10% of the index value within 500 hours

Power Supply

AC 220V

Host Machine Size


Probe Size

Diameter: 70mm
High: 285mm


Host machine: 6kg

Probe: 0.6kg


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