Magnetic Particle Testing Product

Permanent Magnet Flaw Detector


Permanent magnet flaw detector is a small and portable testing tool that can perform magnetic particle flaw detection without power supply. Used in workshops and laboratories, more suitable for testing places without power supply or in special flammable and explosive environments.


Technical performance:

1. Lifting power: >18Kg

2. Magnetic pole spacing: 50~200mm continuously adjustable

3. Dimensions: 175mmX160mmX45mm

4. Weight: 2.25Kg


Working Principle:

Use the strong magnetic field of permanent magnets to magnetize the surface of the ferromagnetic material workpiece, and form local magnetic poles on or near the surface of the workpiece.

Then apply magnetic powder with good magnetic conductivity on the surface of the workpiece, and it will be adsorbed and accumulated on the defective magnetic pole, thereby showing the position and shape of the defect

Structural features:

The magnetic pole spacing is continuously adjustable from 50 to 200mm, the probe can be rotated, so that defects in different planes can be detected, and large workpieces can be segmented and locally magnetized

It is convenient for on-site operation, which is more superior for high altitude and inconvenient live operation occasions



1. Make preparations before flaw detection, remove the iron filling, and check that the lifting force is greater than 18Kg before use

2. During flaw detection, properly adjust the magnetic pole spacing to ensure that the workpiece is in good contact with the yoke and perform flaw detection in accordance with the flaw detection process regulations. Large workpieces should be magnetized in sections.

3. After the operation is completed, short-circuit the two yokes with iron filling to form a loop to reduce the interference of the geomagnetic field and external magnetic field



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