Magnetic Particle Testing Product

Magnetometer Gaussmeter



The magnetometer is the same size as a pocket. It can be used to directly measure the magnetism generated by ferromagnetic materials and components during processing and use. It can also be used as an indication of the residual magnetic field of the workpiece after demagnetization after magnetic particle inspection.



The measurement range is three values: 10-0-10GS, 20-0-20GS, 50-0-50GS. It can be used to detect the DC magnetic field on the surface of steel workpieces.




Model specifications:


1. Model: GM-10, GM-20, GM-50;


2. Measuring range (Gauss): 10-0-10, 20-0-20, 50-0-50GS;


3. Accuracy: ± 10%;


4. Dimensions: 58mm × 23mm in diameter;


5. The meter can be used normally at -10-50 degrees and relative humidity 80%.





Method of use:


When measuring, the arrow of this magnetic meter should be attached to the work piece to be tested, and move in the direction of the two sides of the meter.





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